Tuesday, February 21, 2012

O Tell of His Might...O Sing of His Grace

**This was written Sunday afternoon, but just now posting.**

As I was singing those lyrics this morning in church, I was moved to do such a thing - Tell of His Might and Sing of His Grace.  Ok, I won't torture you with my singing (nor embarass my children with such an act), but I can tell you of His might.   As I was thinking about it, it seems that many times we go about our little circles and not share the real stuff that is going on.  We forget to be real with each other.  So here it is.

*Disclaimer - And here I go already- many people do not know this story.  Many I love dearly, but this is my apology to those dear friends I haven't had a chance to share this with in person.  I long to do so and you will get the full version if you so desire. :)  But if I don't do this now, waiting to be able to share with all of you, then I'll never do this post.

God's Might and Power work in magnificent ways.  The story I am about to briefly tell doesn't always have this ending, but over the days that this was an issue for us, we worked oh so hard to remember that God is good no matter what.

This past Wednesday I had to return back to the doctor for more testing when a routine test came back suspicious.  I set aside a couple of hours that mornig for the visit.  It was not a total surprise.  For various reasons, I felt more testing would probably be necessary...but not for the reasons I imagined. 

At this visit,  it was communicated with me the area of concern and it too concerned me.   One more test and the technician non-chalantly said, "Let me check with the dr.  Sometimes they like to come in and look, and sometimes they don't".  Yeah, at that point, I knew something had been found.  The doctor was moderately concerned and said I needed a biopsy.  She explained all the details and that usually they could get it scheduled within a week.  Results come within 48 hours after that.  Then she said, "Can you come in this afternoon?". 

I was able to make it happen that afternoon, feeling like that was Divine providence.  After the oh so not fun procedure, I asked this doctor (different one) what she thought.  (I know - never ask, but you really can't help it).  She, too, said she was concerned.  After a couple of more tests to make sure they got what they needed (and me almost passing out- seriously, I don't do biopsies well), I left for home with a 50/50 chance of having cancer.

God's might is seen in that I was able to go ahead and get the biopsy done, being able to know the results in 48 hours, before the weekend.  Oh, my- what a blessing!

At this point, one reason David and I didn't tell a whole lot of people is that we would know the results so soon, that it would be easier to tell it in one whole story.

So, for 48 hours, we waited.   Me about to throw up at the thought, already planning in my head how life was going to be if they said malignant.  Who would I tell first, how would I tell, what would we do about school, etc.   It was a struggle, but I would say it could have been worse.

I was expecting the call Friday afternoon, but I had been praying for early results.  Again, God's grace.  The call came at 10:45 am.

His miracle:  Cancer Free

David and I have gone through this weekend discussing how differently it might have looked.  How different worship would have been this morning.  How, for some reason, He has spared us this pain now. 

It is something to sing and shout about.  His mercies are new every morning.