Thursday, November 25, 2010

Question for the day....

Credit goes to my mom for this question.  I don't know where she got it, but it is so good I have to post it today. I am sure the wording is off a bit, but it is still the same essence.

"What if you suddenly had to live without the things
you have not been thankful for?"

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Bug Man

I have to tell you what happened yesterday.  A little background first -(I will post more on this later) - With the goal of self-preservation, I decided to go ahead and get the house ready for Christmas.  After a trip to my sister-in-law's store in Oxford on Monday, I thought Tuesday would be a great day to go ahead and get 'er done.  I wanted to do a few things differently this year, so I was looking forward to it.

The kids and I got up, ate breakfast, and then did a few minutes of picking up before we began dragging everything out.  It was a classic morning.  By 8:30, everyone had voiced their opinions of how things should be done and voiced their disappointment over the "changes" I was making.  All over the floor, couches, kitchen table, dining table were ornaments, hooks, styrofoam, bags, hooks, tree needles- you name it everywhere.  Boxes and bags covered the playroom floor.   Katie runs to the bathroom and comes back saying "There is a man in our front yard".  It is 8:45am and my mind starts running.  "What am I missing?".  Oh, yes, Tuesday.  The bug man was coming.  Uh, oops.

I stick my head out the door to let him know I knew he was here.  He said he was early and would be in in just a minute.  I then think about me.  Hair everywhere, unbrushed teeth, pjs on.  I run to my room, get a tad (and I mean a tad) more presentable, giving thanks that I removed some unmentionables off my floor.  Just in time for the bug man to come in. 

A quick side note.  I like our bug man.  It is the same on everytime, so for me that is nice.  I don't have to wonder who I am letting in my house.  For him, he may pray everytime he leaves - for the state of affairs in my home, the fact that my children are there - every single time he comes, for the dazed look in my eye as I try to school my kids.  He has seen alot in our house.

He saw even more this day.  He probably couldn't get through the playroom.  In an effort to make pulling out Christmas stuff a little more manageable, everything was picked up in the playroom.  Then I pull out about 4 boxes of clothes (just to get to the holiday boxes),  and stack and line them up.  Then in addition, wreath bags, holiday boxes of stuff we aren't using this year, legos, gift bags, boxes for wrapping, legos, box lids.  An true obstacle course. Then you know when you are working on one project, other things around the house get less attention, like beds, toilets, dishes.  Yeah. Well.  Poor fellow.

Oh, well.  Such is life in the Pritchard house.  You really never know what you are going to get.  This day, I pray, he saw over the clutter and saw a family enjoying some time off from school. 

I kept telling myself this.

Then I went in my bathroom.

Yes, more unmetionables.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Ode to my dad

Today is Dad's birthday!  Time to celebrate.
With lots of yummy food on your plate.
Like ice cream for breakfast and pumpkin pie,
And anything French (including a fry).

He know about eyes and how they operate.
And teaches to students, who think he is great.
He talks to them, feeds them, then gives them a grade.
Then they graduate, and wish they had stayed,

He likes Mickey Mouse, and it's plain to see.
He even puts Mickey on his Christmas tree.
He has him on paper, pens and neckties.
His students know how to use it as bribes.

As much as he loves Mickey, its easy to see
There are greater things on that Christmas tree.
He loves the Lord with all of his being,
And desires for others to keep on believing.

That's what makes you great, so out goes a shout.
For all the things you have taught us about -
And continue to do with your "grand" off-spring.
For teaching us most about Jesus our King!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Monday, November 15, 2010

When Daddy's gone....

Things are done a little differently around our house when Daddy is gone.  Those of you whose husbands travel know what I mean.  For example, supper is usually a little different.  Or a whole lot different.  Easier, lighter, sometimes eaten out. 

Well, in the past year or two, we have started a new tradition.  Each night David is gone, one of the kids gets to sleep with me.  The kids love it and really look forward to it.  And, believe it or not, it helps me as well.  I guess the mentality that there is someone else in my bed makes me sleep better.  It certainly helps them sleep better.  They all sleep like rocks in there!

In all fairness, we try to rotate and I try to make sure it is somewhat even.  In order to avoid mass confusion and hysteria, we have sort of a system.  This trip that David is on (yes, I said on, not "was on" - I'll explain in a minute), and the one last week, have each been 4 nights.  For the first night, I try to pick someone who has had something special going on or if it will be a late night, I will pick accordingly.  Then I just use my judgement for the rest of the nights and they pretty much cooperate because they know they will each get a turn.  But what to do with that 4th night?  We go to the trusty name jar.

The name jar was Katie's idea and solution as to those decisions that are hard to make with a family of more than one person.  For example, the issue of what game we will play.  We draw a name and it is that persons choice.  Then we work our way through the names until everyone has had a chance to choose something.  Then we start over.  What a great way to settle those disputes! Anyway, I have done this for the "extra" night that David is gone.

Last weekend, Jake got the extra night.  So tonight, I put Sara Beth and Katie's name in the cup and Jake drew (whoever was the last chosen gets to draw) and Katie's name came up.  She was so thrilled.  She got all settled in and when I went to tuck her in, this is what David's side of the bed looked like.

I think it adds a nice feminine touch, don't you think?  Although, it does look like she is settled in for a while.  Is there something I don't know?

I ask that because tonight was the night David was supposed to be home.  Yeah, I got the text this morning- "Umm, do you mind if....The weather's great....The bucks are everywhere...".   So, at that point I begin analyzing.  Hmm, I thought.  Really, the past few days have gone relatively well.  For some reason, during this trip I have slept pretty well.  Yes, I am not getting as much done as I have wanted and I am tired, but it has gone well.  So, I answer him truthfully, that yes, I can do it, and we will be fine, but I will certainly need his help when he gets back to help me get caught up.  But, stay and enjoy.  So he did!

So that is why we got to pull a name out of the jar tonight.  That is why David's bedside is covered with Barbie's tonight.  Katie even put her lotion, her tissues for her sneezes (sounds like a cold coming on) and her garbage can for her tissues.  It appears she has thought of everything she will need for a comfortable night.  Let's just hope she doesn't get too comfortable.  She's going to be booted back to her bed in the morning!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Re-do - The Gift That Keeps on Giving

(Earlier today I posted about this, but after I thought about it I felt like in my effort to be funny, I came across too saracastic and not communicating what I truly felt.  If you read it, read this one and ignore the first.  But here is my repost)

This is my man.  

David and a buck from a few years ago
 My man celebrated his 40th birthday this summer. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he asked for the extra flexibility to hunt this year in Iowa.  I really wanted him to be able to enjoy himself so I said sure.  No problem.  And I meant it.  Hunting is what brings him great joy, so what better gift could I give.  He wanted to be able to take a 4-5 day hunt right at the best time, with the best weather (This hunting thing isn't really something you can plan.).  Then have the option to take another 3-4 day hunt if they didn't take their bucks the first time, and with the flexibility to go when the weather and timing worked.  So I said, Happy Birthday, Honey!!

Well, last Thursday he and his two buddies left at 2:45am for their big first hunt.  All of us (wives and kids included) were wishing that those big bucks they had been eyeing all year (and the year before that and the year before that) would make their appearance within shooting range.  They hunted. And they hunted.  And they hunted.  All the way through  Monday morning.  No luck.  David had alot of fun, but no deer. 

So they arrive home late on Monday night.  David and I are catching up, and you know that birthday wish?  The one with the flexibility?   The conversation went something like this - "Since we didn't kill our big bucks, I would really like to go back.  Soon."  How soon, I ask.  "Ummm, the weather looks good starting on Friday."  Three days home, then back out again. 

My heart felt full and I really wanted this for him, so David cashed in his hunting gift card birthday present.  Off he goes again with high hopes of killing the big one this time.  They know he is there.  But will he show himself.  In shooting range.  That is the question.

Is it worth it you may ask?  Well, David and his buddy left early this morning to try and make it before dark to get a hunt in this evening.  He just sent me a text and this is what it said -"Headed in to the stand now, in freezing cold rain....having a blast!" 

So so worth it!

Especially since my 40th is coming up here soon.   David joked that he wished mine had been first, because he knows what is coming.  I have a feeling my 40th is going to be a great day, month, year!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Flower Child is 7!!

Seven year ago today we had our baby girl.
She entered our lives with such a whirl.

She has colored our life with all sorts of things,
Most of them pink, and with fairy wings.

She likes all things girlie, all things pink
She even likes to say "Cool" and "Boo-yah" with a wink.

A diva in the making, a princess for life
(We are praying for that husband who will make her a wife!)

She's silly and goofy, and a little bit wild,
And enough eccentric to be our "flower child".

No matter her quirkiness, her little own ways,
She has brought us great joy in all of her days.

No matter how God made her, she is perfect in His eyes,
So thankful are we that she will be with Him when she dies.

Happy Birthday, sweet Katie!  It's your big day!
(I know you will remind us in every way!)