Friday, July 22, 2011

Still Here!

Don't worry.  We're still around.  Although these days, you will most likely see us with a car full of kids, some belonging to me, some not, in a blue van with stickers on the side.   All of whom will be sweating to death because our rear air doesn't work unless it is on high, and I can't stand not being able to hear.  And we haven't been able to get it fixed, because I have needed the van to tote everyone around for the last 6 weeks. 

So what have we done for the last several weeks?  I won't get into all the details, but I will leave you with a few words in summary: busy, hot, full of talking, lots of gasoline, swimming, swim meets, service projects, church, camp, art camp, puppy, dog, kennel, poop, vets, poison ivy - twice, beach, friends, cold treats, prayer, changed hearts, new directions.   There, I think that about covers it. 

So, where does that leave us now?  Trying to regain some lost sanity.  (Is that even possible?)  Especially by cleaning, and as I am typing this I hear two of my kids loudly saying "Ewww" as they clean out the van.  Hmm, wonder what they found?  Hee, hee. 

Yes, we are having forced cleaning.  Before you report me to the authorities, let me explain that if we didn't have forced cleaning, my children may be taken away from me due to unsanitary conditions.  It's not really that bad, but it is certainly in need of attention. 

Okay, I have really digressed. 

The point is, we're still here.  I can't wait to hopefully blog about alot of those words I mentioned above.  They are worth remembering. 

Now, to instruct on a few more cleaning needs, then it's time to get ready for city swim meet tomorrow!!  So excited!!  Go Bluefins!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Up for Air

I actually have a few moments.  It's a miracle.  This summer has been a whirlwind of busyness.  Some things for pleasure, some things not.  It is just how our summers roll. 

But, I was given a gift today.  I gift of time and I though I would take a few of those extra moments and let you know about it. 

Back in the early part of May sometime I received in the mail the lovely jury summons.  Yeah.  Exciting. Here it works like this - you go one day, with about 3,000 people and pick the week of that term that works best for you.  It was for the May term, which goes May thru September.  Okay, I though, I will shoot for sometime after July.  As luck would have it, the weeks that I get to choose from are smack dab in the middle of the craziest part of our summer.  As I fretted mulled over the weeks, and sent numerous texts to David, I went for the lesser of the evils, 4th of July week.

The reasons were that it was a shorter week, due to everything being closed on Monday, and it was a holiday. Hmm, maybe judges, an attorney or two, and maybe a couple of witnesses might take vacation that week.  I thought I would take a chance.

So, I reported this morning like a dutiful citizen.  In my dress code (skirt or slacks which fall below the ankle) I walked out the door around 7:30 am, leaving my children (whom had seen very little of in the last week) asleep and the dog outside. 

Fastforward 4 hours.  It's 11:40.  The secretary had already come in once and called for two jury pools about an hour before, when here walks in the jury commissioner.  If you have never served before, here we have a great commissioner who has a dry sense of humor.  Who wouldn't, having to deal with the public like he does on a daily basis.  And face it, we can be a bunch of idiots sometimes. 

Back to the story - 11:40, jury commissioner.  He comes up and says he knows we are thinking he will send us to lunch now.  He says he isn't sending us to lunch.  At this point, I am thinking we must all be being called for a trial and they will feed us lunch in the jury room, maybe.  He then proceeds to tell us we are done for the day!!  Who-hoo!  Then he tells us - are you ready for this- we are done for the week!!  Who-hoo!! 

I think I selected my week well. 

So I can blog for a minute.  :) 
Now, out the door for a vet appointment for our horse puppy.

Can't wait to blog about my week last week.  Even better than getting off jury duty for a week.