Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday's Musings

As I sit and drink a cup of milk, I thought I would come back to the world of blogging with a few snippets of thinngs rolling around in my head. Aren't you excited?

* Turning 40 wasn't so bad.  (More on that in a later blog)

* I come close to hoarding.  Okay, not that close, but this weekend I came across bank statements from when I was a senior in high school, freshman in college.  Also, mine and David's first bank account.  I do believe the statute of limitations is up for these items.

* I love having a doctor who will call you on a Saturday morning with test results he wants you to have sooner than his office can get it to me.  Don't worry, its just a change in dosage, but nice to know he is looking out for my well-being.

* Having three kids chase a lizard around the garage is very entertaining.

* My brain won't stop with all of the planning for school next year.  Yes, when you homeschool it's best to go ahead and decide.  That way you have the summer to plan, not to decide.  Hopefully, some conclusions will be forthcoming.

* Lemonade spilled all over the refrigerator is a pain.  Lemonade spilled in two different refrigerators, within about an hour of each other is double the pain.  Esp when the floor had been mopped the day before.  By the way, did you know that lemonade is sticky?

That's all for now.  I am sure there will be more later!  Have a super day!

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