Saturday, June 30, 2012

What I love.....

1. I love summer because I can wear a t-shirt and shorts anywhere.

2. I love summer because it means no make-up. 

3. I love watching our kids get in such good shape swimming.

4.  Seeing our kids rewarded for their swimming by being in such good shape, being the ones in the head to head races, and bringing home blue and red ribbons. 

5. It is especially fun to see your child have a goal of making southeastern championship qualifying time.  And make that goal last night!  Whoop, whoop, Jake!

6. I love oreo balls.  Thank you, Sara Beth.

7.  I love that June 21 has come and gone.  That means the days are getting "shorter".  Closer to winter time. 

8.  Because I love good winter nights in front of a fire place.

9.  Today I love airconditioning.

10.  I love that I could laugh at the fact that we were so low on toilet paper that I was desperately praying no one got an upset stomach before I could get to the store.  And how I wished I had made everyone go to the bathroom before we left the Y.  You know, to conserve on our meager supply of toilet paper.  (Never fear- I have been to the store and we are now stocked. :) )

11.  I love how I am feeling led to pray for the woman who recently looked at our home.  Praying she makes the best decision for her.

12.  I love how hard my kids worked to get the house in order.  They worked super hard.

13.  I love the deep hard laughs my kids get when we are having fun.

14.   I love our free spirit, "flower-child" Katie, who leaves me sweet notes and treats.  Even though she tells me she did it just because she was bored.

15.  I love dog slobber covered van windows.  My kids call it dog art.

16.  Fresh tomato sandwiches.  Enough said.

17.  Saturdays.  I am off to enjoy it!!

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