Saturday, March 8, 2014

What I Learned in January and February

Winter 2014 will go down as the coldest and hardest we have had in a long time. Now, I understand hard is relative- what is hard for one isn't necessarily hard for another, so I'm not trying to say my life was the hardest in comparison to everyone else.....just hard for us. But in all of this hard, I did learn or discover a few things.

1.  Sedating an injured dog can be kinda great.  Especially when said dog is 100 lbs.  The sedated whine of being out of it is pretty funny.

2.  We gave the dog his meds in a spoonful of peanut butter. Those olfactory glands worked overtime as he anxiously awaited to begin licking. Those glands also produce lots of dog slobber which drooled itself into puddles onto the floor. Even funnier than the whine.

3.  But really would have been the funniest is if I hadn't caught myself, while taking my antibiotic, that I actually had the dogs sedative in my hand instead.   Can you imagine explaining that?  " what's wrong with your mom?"  "Oh, she just took the dogs sedative.  She will come around in a while."

4.  It is possible to get so far behind on life to have to run to the store for toothpaste.

5.  Technology and innovation are cool- my son has a removable, moldable hard cast that has a button and wires to tighten it. This very fortunate for him, since he decided to go and break his arm during championship swim season.  And he has had some of his best swims....with a broken arm.  Go figure.

6.  "Wicked" is just awesome!!  It was the Christmas gift that kept on giving.  Such a fun night with my girls!!

7. Slightly obessesed would be what the boys in this house would say.  And then we run into a display at a mall when we were out of town.  How cool!  But, how grown-up my girls are.  Sigh.  And the big girl got her braces off.  Sigh.

8.  The girls and I were also obssessed with Frozen. And the songs.  I also try to make everything into "Let it Go" so I have an excuse to sing it.   It is a lot of fun.  My children think I'm nuts.   Don't like that you have a test?  Get over it and "let it go, let it go, don't put it off any more".  "Let it snow, let it snow,". See, isn't it fun?   I think I need to get out more often.

9.  Being a spectator at a swim meet, or swim practice, or any other covered, humid or chlorinated area is not nice to my hair.

10.  Homeschooling, hammocks, and nice weather make for great days.

11.  Nice weather also brings out the snakes.  First one we have ever seen in our almost ten years of living here.  Bear showed him to us.  I feel more protected now that he is looking out for the critters outside.

12.   Meeting Taylor Swift's best friend was a major highlight of our championship swim meet weekend.  Our sweet girl was totally prepared for the moment, sporting her Taylor Swift concert t-shirt.  

13.  No swim practice (which equates to extra energy) + snow = extra hyper and bored kids.  Boredom at its finest.  Certainly a proud mom moment.

14.  I have decided no household is complete without a Chia Willie.

15. This year, the Girl Scout cookies won.  I have been so good the last few years, but this year, I just couldn't do it.  My feelings were hurt, though, when I pulled out my tube of thin mints.  It was dwarf size.  But then, I could justify eating the whole thing.  Don't worry- I shared.

16.  Library fines for overdue books should just be a budget line item.

17.  I am sure there are many other things that I learned.  But, I have promptly forgotten them. 

18.  My family enjoys calling me Dory.

19.  Speaking of Dory, I enjoyed the Oscars this year.  Totally entertaining.  Loved the pizza delivery guy.  I may have been so terribly entertained because we had just driven home, in horrible weather, from a long swim weekend. And I may or may not have eaten my entire piece of cheese cake from the cheesecake factory on the way home.  I may or may not have been in a comatose state.

20.  That is all for now.  Happy Spring!!!

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  1. Love it! We turn everything into a Frozen song too- such a great movie!