Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trying to Capture the Days

You know, everyone who has completed the task of raising children tells you that the years with your children go by so quickly.   The response to that statement may be dependent on the stage of life you are in.

When your kids are newborns, changing every minute, you realize that it does go by quickly.  And in the middle of the night, you really are thankful it goes by that fast.

When they are toddlers, especially if you have more than one at the same time, you wonder how the days could go any slower.  I mean, in between rising with the sun, messy breakfasts, potty training, multiple baths which need assistance, being entertained with something for approximatel 12 minutes and 45 seconds before said thing gets boring, life can get rather slow.  I remember the days of trying to just make it through till naptime.  You sort of begin wishing for life to speed up.  Just a bit.

Then they get a little older.  They gain independence.  Dressing themselves, getting their own snacks, maybe making it to the potty in time.  Ahhh.  Some relief.  They can do things.  Real things.  Color in the lines. (I really like to color.)  Play with play-doh without eating it.  Yay. 

My kids are getting older.  I have tried to heed the wisdom of my elders in so many ways and try to savor the moments and the days.  Alas, there have been some times when I wished it would go faster.  Times when I have said "no" to playing house for the upteenth time.  You know- play house.  Except, get this....I get to be the mom and said child gets to be the baby.  I tell said child that this isn't playing for me.  This is real life.  Just so you will know, I do say yes.  Many times.  Of course, I try to vary it up a bit, and speak with an English accent or something like that.  But there are times I say "no".  And each time I say no, I ask myself "Will I regret this later?  Will I be sad that I said no?"  Most of the time my inner self responds with a definite "No, and I will be happy to explain to this child as they get older why I did not want to play house....again."

As usual, my elders are right.  The days go by so fast.  So stinking fast.  How does that happen?  Anyway, I am trying to savor the days.  Be purposeful in our time.  Pare down our extra curricular activities. (I mean really - when they look back on their childhood I want them to remember our family.  With a sane mom.  Not the inside of our van.  With an insane mom driving.)

In trying to do so, I am trying to make sure I get some extra time with all my kids.  But right now, with a little extra attention on Katie.  She is the baby of the family and because of this, she gets less attention and time doing stuff for her age.  So today, my mom and I took Katie to the zoo.  All by herself.  She loved it.  Yes, the other kids felt 'left out'.  But that is ok.  And, as I told them, they got to go to the zoo alot when they were her age.  But she can't because we are so busy doing stuff for them.  They get it.  Their time will come.

Here she is on the carousel.

And here is why I still want to spend time with her capturing the days.  She is putting on a puppet show, like
they do in Sound of Music.  Gotta love it.

 Now, off to do some more capturing.  With all my kids!

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