Thursday, January 17, 2013

The times they are a changin'.......

I'm not exactly sure where my little children have gone.  They are no longer here.  Instead, I have some very grown up, getting bigger every day children.

Here is my oldest, who is practicing getting her driver's license, attending high school dances (yes, homeschooled kids do these things too), attending late night parties, qualifying for state swim championships, looking all grown up.

She is also alot of the reason I spend most of my day in the car, cannot keep enough food in the house, why there are usually alot of baked goods in the house,  have learned to love One Direction (you have to admit, they are better than Bieber), why I sit on metal bleachers for hours on end.  Totally worth it.

Below, in the maroon shirt you will see the worlds up and coming best photo bomber.  He has lots of practice with having two sisters.  He is the middle (which is obvious), all boy (again, very obvious), and about to be taller than his sister.  He is another reason why I spend alot of time in the car, why I have learned how to work an xbox, why I think nothing of blood and guts, why most of the time it is necessary to order an entire pizza just for him.

He is also a teeanger and again, all boy.  Which is why I didn't make him get his school picture done.  He isn't much into pictures of himself these days (unless he is photo bombing - when did this become a word anyway??).  His rooms smells of chlorine, which I believe I will take, considering the alternative.  He cannot get enough of independence, thrill rides, challenges, and bugging his sisters.

Here is the baby.  Wait, that doesn't look like a baby.  How did this happen???  She looks way too grown up, but then again, she is forced to grow up a little faster being the youngest and all.  She is the reason I still get to cuddle on the couch and read aloud, get to pick out cutsie clothes, why I keep straws in the house (because it is more fun to drink with a straw).

She is also the reason we still have Barbies, lots of books, watch alot of animated movies.  She has learned to hang out with the big kids at youth events and swim meets.  She knows more swim jargon than I do.  She still needs and wants her momma and daddy, but we are now very capable of embarassing her.  She has learned to become independent quickly and I have learned to let her (sending her off to ride roller coasters by herself!!), but has the best teachers (a brother and sister who will take her off with them on adventures without us).

Yes, these are different days.  But I like them.  I really do like teenagers, the independence that comes with it, the stuff they get to do, the fun they can be.  

 Even though it means lots of driving and lots of food.
 Lots and lots of food.

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