Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let's Start at the Very Beginning

If you read title of this post, I am sure you will be singing "do-re-mi" all day.  Sorry about that.  I think. There is nothing wrong with a little Julie Andrews/Maria to fill your winter days.

After a year hiatus (how does that happen- oh, yeah, life), I am going to attempt this again.  Many times throughout the last year I would think about blogging, write posts in my head while I was doing something else, even do an initial draft.  But I never would post. Sigh.

So, here I am again.  Wrapping up an entire year, beginning a new one.  Maybe my thoughts will actually make it to a published post this year?

Before I start at the beginning, here are some words to describe our 2013- busy, swimming, chlorine, high school, drivers license, beach, painting rooms, hunting, contentedness, tired, knoxville, nashville, Taylor Swift, chlorine, swimming, food, growing children.

Here is what 2014 looks like from the beginning- an extra driver, car insurance, Wicked, 20th wedding anniversary, another learning driver, state championship swim meet, another one in high school, looking up to talk to my children, figuring out what God wants from us on a daily basis.

Speaking of 20th wedding anniversary, I thought I would actually start at the beginning.  I mean, none of what I am doing now would be happening if it weren't for that.  So here it is in a nutshell.

In the fall of 1992 (a really long time ago), I met a boy.  A cute boy who, through various circumstances, began hanging out at our apartment.  And we started hanging out alot with mutual friends.  On Oct 1 of that year (which was a Thursday) David and I went to the Miss State/Florida game.  It was the ESPN game of the week...that's how I know it was a Thursday.  Anyway, the most significant thing you should know is that this was the opening day of hunting season in Mississippi.  To this point in his life, this sweet boy had never missed an opening day afternoon of hunting, so you have to know that this was a big deal.  We went to the game and kept hanging out.  Nothing more came of it except a deep friendship until February, a few months later.  It was Valentines day when we realized that this was developing into more than a friendship.  We got engaged the following year, and married in August of 1994.

So now we are bearing down on August of 2014- three kids, a house, a few vehicles, one dumb but lovable dog, lots of hunting gear, lots of Mississippi State stuff, a plethora of swim caps and goggles.

I wonder what 2014 will hold for this great ride we are on.

Happy New Year!!

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