Monday, January 3, 2011

The Mail Lady and the Letter

Okay, I have all these things I want to blog about - the new year, school, Christmas but my brain is just not there.  So that will have to wait.  But I will tell you about the mail lady.

I have not yet personally met the mail lady.  She and I have waved back and forth occasionally.  But I like her.  She seems nice when she waves.  (Much nicer than our previous one.)  She likes my front door.

No, she really does.

My lovely sister-in-law sells these really cute letters for front doors, walls, etc.  Really cute.  And for fun, I got one this year for Christmas for our front door.
Isn't it soo cute??

It attracts lovely attention and has started a  note passing event with my mail lady.  She liked it and asked about it.  I gave info back, etc. 

Fast forward.  On the years we actually do Christmas cards, I like to give one to the neighbors.  We live in a cove, so in an effort to not hurt anyone's feelings I put one in everyone's mailbox.  Whether I actually know them or not.  We "know" our neighbors, but aren't on a first name basis with many of them.  Or last name for that matter.  So, I put our cards in envelopes with just Merry Christmas across the front, lest I get anyone's name wrong, and a return address label on it so they would know who those crazy kids in the picture were or who in the world the Pritchards are anyway.  I then taped a Christmas ornament to the card and sent my two delivery people out to make all 11 deliveries.

So how does the mail lady fit into all of this.  Not exactly how you would imagine. 

I did spend a bit of time worrying if the she would take it out of someone else's mailbox, not wondering what it was ect.  But I was surprised when a few days after our card delivery, I received the sweetest thank you note from our mail lady, saying how much she enjoyed the picture and how cute the ornament looks on her tree.

Umm, at this point I was completely baffled.  How did she get one?  I drilled my delivery personnel, asking multiple times if they put one in our mailbox too.  I double counted the neighbors making sure I didn't do too many.  In talking to David, I think I figured it out.  (Talking usually helps me in that way.  That is why I talk so much.  To get my brain in order.)

See, here is what I think happened.  One of my two lovely immediate next door neighbors must have gone to their mailbox.  Seen this beautiful Christmas card and ornament (without a name, remember) and a return address label with our name on it.  Thinking it must have been put in their mailbox by mistake, did a kind Christmas deed, and gave it to the rightful owner.  How kind!

(It is better than my other alternative and that is that the not nice lady across the street decided to be a scrooge and refuse the thoughtful gift.  I choose the first idea.)

Either way, I have since decided that God has intended for me to develop a sweet note passing relationship with the mail lady.  I replied even today.  Maybe when the weather is nicer we can purposely hang out in the front yard around delivery time.  Then maybe we can exchange words.  That would be nice.

Next year, I will put last names on all the cards to my neighbors....and include one for the mail lady. :)

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  1. That is too funny. Caleb talks to our mailman, Tony, and is always trying to figure out how we can get hot cocoa to Tony on cold days. We haven't come up with the solution yet, but we are working on it. He likes sweets that I leave though. :)