Thursday, January 6, 2011


The coffee is kicking in after a long night of tossing and turning, so before I head to the couch for some time with the Lord (I knew if my coffee didn't kick in, I might fall asleep praying today!), I thought I would blog.

1.  I love my kitchen scissors.  Don't know how I could live without them.  I actually have two pair and sometimes they are dirty at the same time.  I have used them two nights in a row so they are on my mind.  What are the glorious uses?  Cutting crusts, cutting toast/sandwiches in half, cutting pizza, cutting up chicken into smaller pieces.  See its uses are endless.

2.  I gained a few new kitchen pieces over the holidays.  I have a new love - my one touch can opener.   I am can-opener dysfunctional.  Seriously.  And personally, I don't like the kind that sit on the couinter.  So, I have been using the twist kind, but they kill my wrists, when I can get them to work.  :)  So, David found me one that you put on top of the can, push the button and do nothing else.  Marvelous!  It worked while I browned meat last week. Hee.  And, thanks to my girls, I look really cute in my new red and black apron with scalloped hem, and nice yellow oven mitts.  Bliss!

3.  I got a Starbucks card from Jake for Christmas.  After my nights sleep last night, I might use the whole thing today.

4. Alot of time was spent in thought and planning on how our first week back to school was going to be.  Organized, disciplined, no screen time till everything was done (including chores, etc).  First day went great.  Second day, I ended up with a sick one.  After a very long drs visit, we headed home with some movies because said child had coupon to blockbuster.  There went that grand plan.

5.  Okay, Jesus is calling.  Get it "Jesus Calling"?  If you don't have that book you need it!  Love it, love it!  I have been doing that and my Bible Study lesson in the mornings.  Our first lesson of the semester - Time Management.  Haaa, haaa.   I find that somewhat humerous, esp given that I tried to manage my time this week, but then it got managed for me.  That's okay.  That is why we get to start over each day.

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  1. I want a pic of you in your new apron!!! I love Jesus Calling, thanks for giving it to me!