Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Friday

Since I haven't blogged since last Friday, and I had a few minutes, I thought I would update. 

First, the Christmas tree is still in my living room.  But, it is ornament-less.  All of the Christmas stuff is in boxes, just about ready to be packed up and put in the attic.  Do you think the tree will come down before February? 

Or should I leave it up and decorate it with hearts for Valentines?  Honestly, I am tempted. :)

We are wrapping up hunting season, with this being the last weekend in Mississippi.  Jake has gotten in a couple of hunts this week, and hopefully Sara Beth will be able to get one more in this weekend.

Looks like my blogging time is up.  I have made the kids go outside because it is so beautiful today.  But it has been so long that they are bored already.  Gotta go see what we can get into.

Happy Weekend!


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  2. Leave the tree up...lights and hearts are perfect. It's like a Martha Stewart kind of idea.