Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Swimmers...Take Your Mark

Ever since the summer of '05, our kiddos have been part of a summer league swim team.  With the exception of the summer of '09, that is what makes up the bulk of our summer.  Practices a couple of times each week, meets on Thursday nights, with city-wide championship on a hot July Saturday.

In years past, it worked wonderfully.  We would be up and out the door by 7:30 for 8 swim practice.  When practice was over, we would stay and hang out at the pool, home by lunch.  Lovely. 

As they have gotten older, they are busier, and we are split into two practices.  Yes, the are conveniently back to back, but everyone still has to get up and there by 8.  There is also the option of evening practice as well.. Now that they are older and can stay up later, we did this option much more as a whole family this year.  David and I would get some time with the kids, and some excercise of our own. 

This year, each of our kiddos was the youngest in their age group.  But they didn't let that get them down.  They worked hard and swam so super well.  They each placed in at least one individual event at the city championship!  And all strokes were legal!!  Way to go Pritchards!!

And our team won the city championship in our division!!  Yay, Bluefins!!

The only thing different about this year's swim season- This mom didn't take any pictures.  Sigh.  Katie took this one of herself at practice one day.  The rest is a taste of what it was like from last year. :)

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