Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Birthday Season Around Here

There really is no other way to put it than to call it Birthday Season.  And it's pretty funny when you hear why that has a double meaning.  I'll start with the most recent birthdays, and save the last one for her special day.

Let me start with Katie, since TODAY is her birthday!!  Yay! 
She was up bright and early this morning!!
Her story of pregnancy, labor and delivery was full of adventure, but I'll skip to the "season" part.  (Maybe I'll fill in the details later).  After weeks on bedrest, I was finally up and about, thinking it would be really cool if this baby could be born on November 3.  See, Jake's is October 1,  and Sara Beth's is December 2.  So, see, that would be really cool.  So, on the evening of November 3, I was having contractions.  Nothing new, really.  I had been having them for months and for those of you who care, I was 4 cm.   But, this was actually 3 weeks from my due date and we didn't know the gender, and there is always some concern for boys born early.  But, as I laid there on the couch, timing contractions, which really weren't that bad, I considered going on the hospital so I could have the baby on November 3.   Deep down, I knew it wasn't time, but I also knew that my doctor would keep me if I went.  I went back and forth, but decided that having a baby early just so it could be born on a not terribly significant day, was really not the smartest thing to do.  So, I waited it out. 

I had "activity" all week, and went in for my regularly scheduled visit the following Monday, November 10.  I was a whopping 5 cm and 80%.  My doctor sent me to the hospital, where three hours later, a sweet Katie appeared. 

Right at the beginning of gun season.

Six weeks ago, we celebrated Jake's 12th birthday.  For a change up from our first baby, David and I decided to do things different and find out the gender.  We found out that David was going to have a hunting buddy.  Mid-way through the pregnancy we got the stomach bug.  (At the time, David and I called it the "death virus".  I now know that it wasn't even close after my most recent experiences.)  Well, looking back, I figure that is what cause early contractions.  No major complications along the way, but things started progressing early, so we, including the doctor, decided that there was no way I was going to make it full term.  But, she wanted to go ahead and schedule an induction a few days early.

Umm, she and I scheduled it for a Friday.  October 1.  Opening day of bow hunting season in Mississippi.  Yes, of course I knew this, but after 9 months of stomach stretching, I really didn't care.  I figured David would have a great hunting buddy as they got older and what a great way to spend a birthday.  And yes, I was right.  Although, David did ask if we could re-schedule the induction for the following Monday.  Three whole days later.  I said no way.

To his credit, at the time, he had only missed one opening day of bow season in his life.  It was to take me on our first date, to the Mississippi State/Florida game.    I'd think he would say it was worth it. 

Sara Beth has a "season" story to go along with her birthday as well, but since it is in just three weeks, I'll wait until then. 

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