Friday, April 6, 2012


On this day of Good Friday, it is nearly impossible to not sit and reflect on what happened on this day so many years ago.  That a man would die for my wretched soul, unworthy of so great a sacrifice.

Many days it is easy to forget that I need that this redemption.  I move along, things going great, sunshining, kids cooperating.  Forgetting that He is the One that bestows those blessings on my life.

That without Him, I would have no hope. 

So, today I am looking at life from His perspective.  Not to bring myself glory, but to give it all back to Him.

Today it isn't so hard.  Yes, it is good Friday, so in one sense, it is on my mind. 

But, from another sense my heart is searching for good, in what seems unthinkable.

It all comes back to perspective.

I look back over my week- lost, or probably stolen itouch, two sets of goggles broken in the same night, two pairs of shoes left at swim practice, adolescent hormones running rampant in our home, finding out the great amount of money this family will give to the IRS, dirty dog, discipline of children, household messes that seem to multiply at a greater rate than they can be cleaned up.

Then I very easily remember my friends.   The ones that sit at this very moment, waiting for their 3 yr old son to come out of surgery to remove a brain tumor.   The long road ahead of them.  The life changing event.  I have wondered, God, why this family.  The ones who suffered a major medical issue years ago.   Why again.

My mind then goes to perspective.  I am looking at their situation, and my rather mundane issues compared to theirs, and realize I am looking at it all from my perspective.  Not His. 

I am constantly reminding my kids that we haven't seen the whole picture yet.  That He is looking at it from far away.  From an eternal perspective.  It's time for me to put that into practice.

On this Good Friday, I am so thankful that He saw through my wretchedness, to my need for Him and so greatly save my soul.  He gave me hope.  It is through this that I am able to see His hand, although difficult at times, in all circumstances.

I pray that this perspective doesn't leave me.  That I will be able to remember that broken goggles, and continual laundry, and muddy paw prints, are nothing compared His love, compassion and mercy, in times when we can't see it, but can trust it.

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