Monday, April 23, 2012

Things I have learned this spring

1. It is possible for a school year to fly by so fast, you really think you missed it.

2. That David getting to dance with Steve Gains at a Downline class is a chance he probably will never get again.  It was to the rockin' tune of "Peter and John went to pray."  And to clarify, in case you were wondering, David didn't voluteer.  He got picked.  Apparantly thru the Holy Spirit.  Thru Steve Gains.

3.  It is possible that summer can come before spring.  It happened.  In 2012. 

4.  It is a given fact that as your children get older the number of miles you put on your car increases exponentially.

5.  It is a good thing I have my mom to help my kids with math.  Not that I can't do it, but I can't do that and do anything else.

6.  There is a thing called a splint that is put on broken bones to keep the patient more comfortable with the swelling.  It is not a black thing with velcro.  It is a cast with only plaster on one side.  It is soft gauzy stuff on the other for swelling room.  See...this is why I know.

7.  If I was flexible and could check out the back of my thighs really well, I belive there would be some sort of indentations caused by the bleacher seats at the aquatic center where my kiddos swim.  I sit on them alot.  Below is a pic from cutie-patootie with the pink cast who was bored at swim team since she couldn't swim.  I love how it is from her perspective.  This is where we live most afternoons. 

8.  Swim team practices have become my social outlet.  I have made some great new friends.  Who also have bleacher lines on their thighs.

9.  Braces are a pain.   And alot of money.  Times two.

10.  Athletic children eat.  Alot.  And want to eat alot.... very often.

11.  I am so looking forward to summer break.  Things really do get easier for us in summer.

That is all for today.

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