Friday, February 4, 2011

A Momma's gotta do what a Momma's got to do

See this beautiful little creature.  An angel.

This angel is sick.  Threw up for a couple of hours last night.

I left late to go pick up Sara Beth from babysitting.  When we got home twenty minutes later, we found David doing laundry.  Katie's laundry.  It happened that fast.

At that moment I was so glad that I was the one to get out.  I don't do vomit well.  At all.  Of course, I left David home so he could go on to bed.  I was so thankful that he was home for the worst of it. :)

But a Momma's got to do what a Momma's got to do.

So the rest of the night, this Momma slept on the couch.  And cared for her sick baby.  And cleaned up...well, you know.  If there is a category for being a good...well, you know...this child wins it.  Straight in the bowl every time!  (Well, at least after the first projectile episode.) Then she would roll over and give me her classic thumbs-up sign.   Sweet child.

I am happy to report that this morning she woke up better.  Far from well, but better.

I can officially say that we have entered survival mode.  At least for the day.  Still fighting the crud, I get to love on my sweet child, let her watch princess movies, and bring her ice.  (Praying the whole time that this thing stays contained).  I also get to clean her room...mattress...dust ruffle...floor....comforter...etc.

And love every minute of it. 

'Cause I'm her Momma.


  1. Precious story of a mother's love....and daddy's love too!

  2. Precious, Stacey! Praying it passes quickly and doesn't spread!