Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Big Day Around Here


There aren't too many ways to describe a scene like this one.


One of our favorite family traditions is moving the kitchen table to the living room in front of the fireplace when there is a fire going.  We can eat there, play games there, and even do some school work there.  It changes the atmosphere to cozy and inviting.  It is even better when the Christmas tree is there. 
Ooh, what winter fun.

See here is another one.  Just so inviting and enjoyable.

There is something about these pictures that you must know.

It may not be terribly obvious to the untrained eye.  Can you tell what is missing?

Look carefully at the tree.  And the mantle.

Do you see it yet?  Okay, I'll go ahead and tell you. 

No decorations.   


The reason:  These pictures were taken Wednesday.

Yes, this past Wednesday, when we had yet another snow for the season.  It called for coziness and warmth.  And having the Christmas tree still up made it all the more fun.

Yes, on February 9, our Christmas tree was still up.  So we decided to make the most of it and use it this week. :)  Added a nice touch, don't ya' think?

Well, here it is, Saturday and the big day has arrived.  As of right now this is what my living room looks like:

A sure sign that Spring is on its way. 

A big day for sure!

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