Friday, February 25, 2011

SURPRISE, Kids...We're going..... Disney World!!

Now...Right Now!!

Those are the words we will telling our three great kiddos around 5:45 tomorrow morning!  I am writing about it now because I know it won't happen then.

A little over three years ago with surprised them with a trip to Disney.  It has been all they have talked about and have said numerous times that if we were ever to do it again they wanted to be surprised.  Really for any vacation, but we just haven't had a chance until now.  And it has been fun.

Of course, we have had to say no to some things and we have worked to keep them mostly at home so they wouldn't get sick.  But alas, that is another blog post for another time.

I digress and I must get to the point because I am pretty tired.  We are all packed, with the exception of Sara Beth's clothes (she was my challenge to do it sneakily.  we just decided to wait until morning to throw everything in.), and toiletries.   So we are pretty good to go.

You must be wondering if they suspect anything.  David and I both agree that Jake and Katie do not have a clue.  He thinks Sara Beth is clueless, I think she is very suspicious.   We'll see in the morning who wins that one.

It's off to bed for me, but I have to post a couple of pics from our last trip, Nov of '07.

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