Friday, February 18, 2011

My boys and my books

The boys, meaning David and Jake, know, along with the rest of the family, that I love books.  All kinds.  I love fiction as my escape; I love books that teach me how to grow in Christ; I love books that give me tips on being a better wife and mother; I like books about books. 

Over the last few years, I have developed a good habit of not buying too many books.  We just haven't had the space.  The bad habit I have developed is stacks of library books.  And basically stacks of books that I have bought or been given or needed for school, etc.   Really, it hasn't been all that bad

Well, finally bookshelves made it near the top of "the list".  You know the one that you make of things you want/need and prioritize it, etc.  We found some that we liked at Target and guess what...they went on sale a couple of weeks ago.  (You know my frugality and how much I really like this!)  So for Valentines, (or just for whatever), David went and picked me up two, count them -two, bookshelves!!  Yay!  He's a good man!

That brings me to the other boy.  This boy, Jake, loves to put things together.  He has been able to do several building projects for school lately and that is right up his alley.  Loves it.  So, imagine his eyes when he sees two big boxes of bookshelves needing to be assembled.  Heaven. 

This Wednesday night, while we girls were at church, they set out to at least take care of one set.  David was the overseer, Jake the workman.  By the time we came home, one beautiful bookshelf, assembled by Jake, was proudly sitting in our living room. 

But that still left one bookshelf unassembled.  Talk about a motivator to get schoolwork done.  In record time on Thursday, Jake got all of his schoolwork done, then he got to work.  He finished the entire thing by himself.  Well, almost.  You will see in the pictures that he did have a helper. :)  And, being the nice big brother, has allowed her to take some of the credit.  Which she most willing took and is diligent to make sure no one forgets that she actually helped.

I am proud of my boys!!  Now, I have a place to be proud of my books!!  After a bit of shifting some things around, the bookshelves will be adorned with books. 

With extra space.  For more books. 

My heart is giddy!



  1. Awesome! I love his expression in the finished picture where he's holding the drill!