Thursday, August 26, 2010

Katie and Go-Go

Although Katie wasn't quite old enough to do the horseback rides, she did get her fair share (and then some) of pony rides.  But she also had to do alot of tagging along to the stables.  Because of the inordinate amount of time she spend there with us and then the times she got to go there as part of Kids Klub, Katie began to think of herself as a regular 'ole cowhand. 

First let's discuss the ponies.  She rode them alot.  And then some.  Theere were two ponies for riding.   One was named Mac and the other one named Cheese.  Get it.  Mac and Cheese.  Cute, huh?  Esp fitting for Katie because the child could live off of macaroni and cheese.  Which sometimes she does, but that is for another time.   The commonality quickly bonded Katie to these animals and they became friends.

If you think that those three bonded and were friends, then Katie and Go-Go must have been separated at birth.  They could hardly be separated at the barn.  Before I go any further, let me tell you a little about Go-Go.  This little creature is a baby goat.  A small baby goat, but one who makes her presence known.  In a very distinct way.  She sounds exactly like a baby crying.  Seriously.  You could tell a newcomer to the barn by the way they were looking for a baby nearby.  (I confess, that was really me.)  First, you are looking for a a barn...with pigs, horses and donkeys.  But that is where the sound was coming from.  Then, in the shadowed doorway would appear this baby goat.  Sounding like a baby.  And then, she would walk up to the gate, wagging her tail the whole time, like a dog, all excited to see you.   Then, you get to scratch her chin. Like you would a dog.  Anyway, as if Katie and Go-Go's relationship wasn't already deeply bonded, Katie and I were in the barn hanging out (waiting for Sara Beth and Jake to finish their rides) and it just so happened to be feeding time.  Oh, yes, Katie got to feed Go-Go her bottle.  The sweet little ranch hand  (who just so happened to go to Ole Miss) was so sweet to let Katie do that.  Thus the bond was forged forever.  In our hearts.  Go-Go had to stay in Colorado, but she will always have a place in our hearts.  Here's to you Go-Go!

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