Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trip of a Lifetime - Part 2

Okay, before arriving at  Trail West, I must say that we passed through some of the most beautiful areas.  Snow covered mountain ranges as far as you could see in both directions.  What a wonder God made!  Although the kids enjoyed the scenery, they were about to bust a stitch because we were so so close! 

Our arrival was greeted by camp staff on horse back ready to lead us down to a big stage coach.  There we were led out of our van to be welcomed and photographed.  We then loaded on a old pick-up to ride to the main lodge while...get this....they unloaded our van!!  I kid you not.  All 1300 miles of stale fries, gooey napkins, and about a hundred pistachios that had just spilled.   When we got to our van, I promise you , it was cleaner than when we left.   Honestly, from a parents perspective, that was the best gift ever!  The second best part (from a mom's perspective) was that all of the meals would be served to us at our table.  No deciding what to cook, where to eat, dealing with "but I don't want that tonight".  It was just there and it was wonderful.  It was all great food and even better (they really have this thing down pat on how to get the parents there), we actually got to have a dinner without the kids.  We sat with some of our Memphis friends and laughed, visited and had a great time.

Our week, it looked like, would be filled with more adventure than we would be able to handle.  The first morning was a camp-wide horseless rodeo, filled with team competitions.  We all participated in some races, but by far the best was David.  He had to run, spin around  10 times with his head on a wooden horse. and then run back.  Yes, it was as funny as it sounds and David did not disappoint.  He even made the cut for the weeks video!

Right after that, Katie headed to KidsClub (yes, again they think of everything.)  This was a place for younger kids to go while the other family members take a break or do things the younger kids can't do.  While she was there, the rest of us headed to the stables for horseback rides.   Don't worry Katie got to ride a pony and we ended up spending alot of time at the stables, but more on that later. Tuesday morning we had off and just hung out and prepared for our white water rafting adventure.   Once we all wrestled into our wet suits, we loved the cold water and the water fights that came along. 

Wednesday was our morning for the wrangler breakfast.  Those old enough for horseback, headed out early to the stables.  Katie and I rode in the old pick-up and we met up in this great valley.  There the camp cow-hands and wranglers served us up a breakfast fit for royalty - chipmunk sausage, buzzard egg omlets and flying french toast.  Don't worry it was real food, but there was the flying french toast.  You stand on the designated spot, plate loaded with syrup.  The chef then toss you french toast right out of the pan.  Yes, there were plenty of misses, including some of our own, and plenty of french toast left over for the critters.

Do you see the flying french toast in the upper left corner?
Yes, Jake caught it!
Shortly after breakfast, we made our way back to the stables for some more fun.  Sara Beth and I had the chance to do an arena ride, where we learned how to trot, gallop, etc.  It was fun and that was exactly what Sara Beth was wanting.  Katie got to have her pony ride at the same time.  David enjoyed watching me almost fall of a horse and Jake just hung around and got bored.  But, his boredom was fixed that afternoon as all 5 of us got our turn on the ropes course.  We all did, zipline included, even Katie and me.  Katie did so good, even though we could tell she was a bit scared.

Katie and David on our first ropes course run.

That night was our date night dinner!  Such fun and only half done!
The Aspen Grove where we had a couple of meals.

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