Monday, August 30, 2010

'reading, writing, 'rithmetic'....and hunting

I had a few free minutes tonight (I know, can you believe it?), so I thought I would blog a bit.  I started going through the pictures on our laptop and couldn't find anything recent.  (I don't know how to download the pics without Easy Share, and that is on our other computer which is at the shop, on hospice care.)  But, I did come across a couple I just couldn't resist.

We officially started school last week and we totally are doing something different this year. I will get to that more in a minute.  I have to share the cutest picture of Sara Beth and Jake one day doing school.  Sara Beth is doing first grade work and Jake kindergarten.  Oh, just too cute!

What are we doing this year?  The two big kids are going to Veritas Classical Schools.  It is a "tutoring" program, which meets once a day for k-6 and two days for 7-12.  The school provides the curriculum and teachers, we purchase the books.  Then, each week, an assignment is sent out to be completed before the next class.    So far, they have completed one week's worth of assignments and started week 2.  Tomorrow is their first day of class.  They are both each a bit nervous and excited, which is to be expected.  I am thrilled! :)  Of course, I am a bit nervous that I will forget to take them.   My opinion so far, a week and a half in - Love it!  It is still quite a bit of work for me, but I am not doing the planning nor the teaching actually.  Just assisting in work.  My brain is free!  No lesson plans, no forgetting to do lesson plans, no waking up wondering what we get done for the day.  Ahhh.

What about Katie, you ask?  Aren't there lesson plans involved with her?  Well, yes and no.  Sweet Katie and I are getting a year together.  One of the motivations for Veritas for the other two was so I could spend more time teaching Katie.   We are doing our own thing with her, cause I mean, good grief.  I have done first grade twice, and it is just first grade.  I can just pull it out and go.  But, given the state of my brain and the fact I have three children leeching what is left, I have to help myself.  I do have a semi-lesson plan to refer to just to make sure I am on track.  But it doesn't take long. 

For Katie's math this year I am doing something new, Math-U-See.  It requires Katie to watch a brief instructional video before her lesson.  To my complete shock and utter amazement, this video seems to grab the attention of the entire household.  There are even groanings of disappointment if it is a short video.  Go figure.  I promise you, if I had tried that with the other two, they would have watched with their eyes closed.  I guess because it isn't for them they have the freedom to actually watch and pay attention.  I say, great!  It is good reinforcement.

In addition to their academic education, Sara Beth and Jake furthered their knowledge by successfully completing their Hunter Safety Education Class.  This now will allow them to obtain their hunting license and contribute to putting meat on our table.   Now that they have passed, hunting and shooting as taken over this family.  We went out Saturday to shoot and practice with a gun.  Katie shot the BB gun for the first time and came real close to the target.  Sara Beth and Jake did some skeet shooting and did well.  Jake actually made contact with the skeet on his fourth pull.  Sara Beth hasn't had as much practice with a gun, so she didn't do quite as well, but determined she is.  She has asked David all day the past two days to go shoot.   Of course, I took pictures, but of course, I don't know how to download them.  But here is one of Jake, early in his hunting career.

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  1. So sweet, hope all goes well on their first day! (p.s. My dad showed me how to download Picassa (free) to edit and get pictures. It is so easy, I love it.)