Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Year, New Stuff

At this, the beginning of our 8th year of homeschooling, I thought it was time to start something new.  A blog.  It would allow the ever running conversation in my head to actually be put down.  It will also allow for guest bloggers as a school assignment.  Always trying to think of new ways to incorporate learning.  :) That learning goes for me too, because I am technologically illiterate.  Seriously.  I ask forgiveness now of any blogging mistakes.

Let me take a minute to explain a little about the name of my blog and how it fits into this family of 5.  Wildlife is a part of our everyday life.  Existence actually.  If it weren't for the wildlife that God created, then David wouldn't have a job.  He is working his dream job - owner of a wildlife and forestry consulting business.  His love for the great outdoors has carried over to the family.  We all love the great outdoors (most of it anyway - I despise spiders.).  There is evidence of this all over our entire house.  Let me give you a visual tour.   As you enter our home, you might see various experiments on our front porch - plants, bug collections, frogs and tadpoles.  Oh, and don't overlook the flower beds and yard where you might find various crops growing there - turnip greens, milo, wheat, etc place there by the natural plan God intended.  Birds eat the seed out of David's truck and deposit over our yard.  Always exciting to see what is growing next.  Inside our home, it isn't usual to find these various items strewn about - turkey feathers (as happened this week), cow bones, antlers, mud, deer jaw bones, all sorts of seeds, camoflouge, more deer antlers, maps, ticks, etc.  Some of these appear on a rotating basis, some grace us with their prescence more permanently (such as the numerous deer heads mounted on Jake's wall). 

Another aspect of wildlife in our home would be that because we homeschool and David works out of the home, things can get a little wild around here.  Well, that is just a given with three kiddos.  So, yeah, wildlife pretty much sums up our life.  I am even teacher, principal, curriculum coordinator, janitor, etc of Wildlife Academy.  Cute, huh?

So, here it goes, a new year, with new stuff and a new wildlife adventure.

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  1. Awesome Stacey! Great job- I"m proud to be your first follower :). Can't wait to read about your families adventures!