Sunday, August 22, 2010

Proceed with Caution

Yes, this is a wildlife viewing blog.  You should expect a few warnings.  I am so very anxious to document our trip of a lifetime that happened at the beginning of our summer.  But, I am going to deal with our summer backwards.  That way the only perspective is to look up.  It will get better than this (or before this).

Anyway, from about mid-April on our lives got crazy busy.  Non-stop busy.  Really, really crazy.  We went from soccer to baseball to kindergarten graduation to swimming to vacation to swimming and more swimming to camp to mission trip to city swim meet.  Ahhh, the culmination of all that craziness - city swim meet.  July 17.  After that, it would be time to recoup our summer, get the house back in order, find some "mom" time for me.  Ahhh.  So looking forward to that.  Then things changed......

I will do my best to spare you the gory details, but remember I did warn you.  About two weeks before the city meet, David got sick.  A mild stomach bug.  Nothing serious, felt bad but hung around a long time.  About a week and a half after this, Katie gets sick.  A little sicker than David.  High fever, feeling yuck, mild stomach stuff.  This is Tues before the Saturday meet (The Meet, you know the culmination of our summer).   Thankfully, much better after a day or two, but hung around for about a week.  Oh, yes, then a week later, Sara Beth gets it. (You are keeping up with the weeks aren't you?  This is about 3 wks since the beginning.  First week of our after swim meet summer).  And, yes, she gets it a little worse than Katie.  She actually threw up for the first time in about 6 yrs.  Just once.  (this is an important point)  She feels kinda rotten for a couple of days.  Well, you know I don't know how long she felt bad, because, um, you guessed it.  Two days after Sara Beth gets sick I get it.  This is where things go awry.  Let me recap.  David, Katie, and Sara Beth all have a mild stomach bug.  Only one episode of vomiting between the three of them.  Get that?  Thursday morning I wake up in the middle of the night with the tell-tale aches.  I am thinking okay, I have this thing they were so nice to share with me.  It was mild.  I can do this thing.  Then, I throw up.  Okay, I am thinking, Sara Beth threw up once.   Glad I got that over with.  

I am laying there in bed, in the middle of the night wide awake (3am), knowing I am sick.  Shivering uncontrollably, playing lemonade tycoon on my phone.  That was handy to have. :)   Thinking all along this was that mild stomach bug.  I am a big girl; I can handle it.  Haa, Haa, Haa.  What a joke!  For whatever reason, for me this was no mild stomach bug.  For the next 9 hrs, the toilet and I became close friends.  As did the pot in my lap.  Probably visited somewhere between 10 and 15 times.  Seriously.  I am not kidding.  That was accompanied by 103 fever and stomach cramps that rivaled my three natural childbirths.  By about 8:30 I was thinking David was going to have to take me to the ER.  By about 9:30 I was so delirious I didn't know what was going on except that I just hoped I was on my way to meet my Maker so He could put me out of my misery.  I groaned, I moaned, I called out to Jesus.  You may think I am exaggerating.  I am not.  I scared all my children to the point they thought I was on my way to Heaven.  This was the absolute sickest I have ever, ever, ever been.  Things started looking up by mid-afternoon.  I could keep ice down and I had this great medicine for my stomach cramps.  Spent the next two-three days in bed.

The results of this and the point.  The point - I got way behind on the rest of my summer.  I didn't get the part that I thought I needed.  God knows way better what we need than we do ourselves.  I finally feel somewhat caught up.  Realized some things just don't need to be done and it is okay that school starts tomorrow and I haven't finished lesson plans.  And it will all be okay.  The results - down two or more clothes sizes.  In that 24 hours alone, I lost 8 pounds.  David also lost quite a bit of weight.  Now we have no excuse to not stay in shape.  The hardest part is done!

Thanks for listening.  I couldn't begin documenting my summer and end on that note, so I thought I would start backwards.  It is much better that way.

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