Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Why's

Why did my Tuesday, Bible Study day, go so well? 
    Because I know you have been praying.  Thank you!

Why do my kids think it is fun to use motions and no words to try to communicate with me?
    Don't they know my brain is addled enough already

Why do I always seem to want what I don't have?
    Oh, the seeds of discontentment that need to be weeded out

Why are 6yr old girls doing a fashion show so darn cute?
    Even cuter when one of them is the child of one of my high school classmates

Why won't the weather make up its mind?
     I am tired of having two sets of clothes to dig through.

Why do I not sit and drink coffee all day long like I really want to?
     Sleep is difficult enough as it is.

Why do I need to re-do my re-caulking job in our shower?
     Umm, maybe the fact we finally got rain and the humidity made it separate?  Uggghhh.

Why do I keep thinking that school lets out at 3 today, when it lets out at 2 and always has?
     It's because of my addled brain.

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