Friday, October 1, 2010

An Ode To Jake

We celebrate our only son,  but think to ourselves what have we done?
The noises, the dirt,
the many stains upon your shirt.

The eating of bugs, and digging of holes,
The clutching of our very souls.

Spiderman, Batman, Jack Sparrow, too.
Nothing was too cool for you.

We've felt your legos between our toes,
and smelled smells that burned our nose.

You've driven a tractor, killed a deer,
Jumped from heights with no fear.

You've now grown cooler, and cooler still,
You can quote Tim Hawkins out of will.

Never ending with tales and jokes
Always wanting to entertain the folks.

You are loud, yes that is true,
But we'll forgive you, a Bulldog through and through.

So much to think about, that we want to say,
But most of all Happy Happy Birthday!!

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