Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Flower Child is 7!!

Seven year ago today we had our baby girl.
She entered our lives with such a whirl.

She has colored our life with all sorts of things,
Most of them pink, and with fairy wings.

She likes all things girlie, all things pink
She even likes to say "Cool" and "Boo-yah" with a wink.

A diva in the making, a princess for life
(We are praying for that husband who will make her a wife!)

She's silly and goofy, and a little bit wild,
And enough eccentric to be our "flower child".

No matter her quirkiness, her little own ways,
She has brought us great joy in all of her days.

No matter how God made her, she is perfect in His eyes,
So thankful are we that she will be with Him when she dies.

Happy Birthday, sweet Katie!  It's your big day!
(I know you will remind us in every way!)

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