Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Bug Man

I have to tell you what happened yesterday.  A little background first -(I will post more on this later) - With the goal of self-preservation, I decided to go ahead and get the house ready for Christmas.  After a trip to my sister-in-law's store in Oxford on Monday, I thought Tuesday would be a great day to go ahead and get 'er done.  I wanted to do a few things differently this year, so I was looking forward to it.

The kids and I got up, ate breakfast, and then did a few minutes of picking up before we began dragging everything out.  It was a classic morning.  By 8:30, everyone had voiced their opinions of how things should be done and voiced their disappointment over the "changes" I was making.  All over the floor, couches, kitchen table, dining table were ornaments, hooks, styrofoam, bags, hooks, tree needles- you name it everywhere.  Boxes and bags covered the playroom floor.   Katie runs to the bathroom and comes back saying "There is a man in our front yard".  It is 8:45am and my mind starts running.  "What am I missing?".  Oh, yes, Tuesday.  The bug man was coming.  Uh, oops.

I stick my head out the door to let him know I knew he was here.  He said he was early and would be in in just a minute.  I then think about me.  Hair everywhere, unbrushed teeth, pjs on.  I run to my room, get a tad (and I mean a tad) more presentable, giving thanks that I removed some unmentionables off my floor.  Just in time for the bug man to come in. 

A quick side note.  I like our bug man.  It is the same on everytime, so for me that is nice.  I don't have to wonder who I am letting in my house.  For him, he may pray everytime he leaves - for the state of affairs in my home, the fact that my children are there - every single time he comes, for the dazed look in my eye as I try to school my kids.  He has seen alot in our house.

He saw even more this day.  He probably couldn't get through the playroom.  In an effort to make pulling out Christmas stuff a little more manageable, everything was picked up in the playroom.  Then I pull out about 4 boxes of clothes (just to get to the holiday boxes),  and stack and line them up.  Then in addition, wreath bags, holiday boxes of stuff we aren't using this year, legos, gift bags, boxes for wrapping, legos, box lids.  An true obstacle course. Then you know when you are working on one project, other things around the house get less attention, like beds, toilets, dishes.  Yeah. Well.  Poor fellow.

Oh, well.  Such is life in the Pritchard house.  You really never know what you are going to get.  This day, I pray, he saw over the clutter and saw a family enjoying some time off from school. 

I kept telling myself this.

Then I went in my bathroom.

Yes, more unmetionables.


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