Monday, November 15, 2010

When Daddy's gone....

Things are done a little differently around our house when Daddy is gone.  Those of you whose husbands travel know what I mean.  For example, supper is usually a little different.  Or a whole lot different.  Easier, lighter, sometimes eaten out. 

Well, in the past year or two, we have started a new tradition.  Each night David is gone, one of the kids gets to sleep with me.  The kids love it and really look forward to it.  And, believe it or not, it helps me as well.  I guess the mentality that there is someone else in my bed makes me sleep better.  It certainly helps them sleep better.  They all sleep like rocks in there!

In all fairness, we try to rotate and I try to make sure it is somewhat even.  In order to avoid mass confusion and hysteria, we have sort of a system.  This trip that David is on (yes, I said on, not "was on" - I'll explain in a minute), and the one last week, have each been 4 nights.  For the first night, I try to pick someone who has had something special going on or if it will be a late night, I will pick accordingly.  Then I just use my judgement for the rest of the nights and they pretty much cooperate because they know they will each get a turn.  But what to do with that 4th night?  We go to the trusty name jar.

The name jar was Katie's idea and solution as to those decisions that are hard to make with a family of more than one person.  For example, the issue of what game we will play.  We draw a name and it is that persons choice.  Then we work our way through the names until everyone has had a chance to choose something.  Then we start over.  What a great way to settle those disputes! Anyway, I have done this for the "extra" night that David is gone.

Last weekend, Jake got the extra night.  So tonight, I put Sara Beth and Katie's name in the cup and Jake drew (whoever was the last chosen gets to draw) and Katie's name came up.  She was so thrilled.  She got all settled in and when I went to tuck her in, this is what David's side of the bed looked like.

I think it adds a nice feminine touch, don't you think?  Although, it does look like she is settled in for a while.  Is there something I don't know?

I ask that because tonight was the night David was supposed to be home.  Yeah, I got the text this morning- "Umm, do you mind if....The weather's great....The bucks are everywhere...".   So, at that point I begin analyzing.  Hmm, I thought.  Really, the past few days have gone relatively well.  For some reason, during this trip I have slept pretty well.  Yes, I am not getting as much done as I have wanted and I am tired, but it has gone well.  So, I answer him truthfully, that yes, I can do it, and we will be fine, but I will certainly need his help when he gets back to help me get caught up.  But, stay and enjoy.  So he did!

So that is why we got to pull a name out of the jar tonight.  That is why David's bedside is covered with Barbie's tonight.  Katie even put her lotion, her tissues for her sneezes (sounds like a cold coming on) and her garbage can for her tissues.  It appears she has thought of everything she will need for a comfortable night.  Let's just hope she doesn't get too comfortable.  She's going to be booted back to her bed in the morning!

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