Monday, November 22, 2010

Ode to my dad

Today is Dad's birthday!  Time to celebrate.
With lots of yummy food on your plate.
Like ice cream for breakfast and pumpkin pie,
And anything French (including a fry).

He know about eyes and how they operate.
And teaches to students, who think he is great.
He talks to them, feeds them, then gives them a grade.
Then they graduate, and wish they had stayed,

He likes Mickey Mouse, and it's plain to see.
He even puts Mickey on his Christmas tree.
He has him on paper, pens and neckties.
His students know how to use it as bribes.

As much as he loves Mickey, its easy to see
There are greater things on that Christmas tree.
He loves the Lord with all of his being,
And desires for others to keep on believing.

That's what makes you great, so out goes a shout.
For all the things you have taught us about -
And continue to do with your "grand" off-spring.
For teaching us most about Jesus our King!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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