Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tidbits of our Week

A few things about my week. Random, yes, but hopefully interesting.

*At Veritas you can most certainly differentiate between new homeschoolers and young ones versus us veterans.  There were lots of cameras, esp among those parents of young students. 

Parents of young students - "Oh, my sweet, sweet child is starting school.  He is such a big boy.  Let us make a moment with the whole family.  Say, Cheese". 

Me -"THANK YOU, JESUS, for Veritas!  You are honestly saving my life.  Bye kids, go on now, shoo.  Is there anyway that they can stay later?  Come another day?." 

See the difference.

*Parents at Veritas cannot walk or drive through a parking lot safely.  Maybe they are so distracted by their emotions.   I would back my car up, stop, back up an inch, stop, repeat.    If you are wondering if that was you, it wasn't.  No one I knew was one of these who almost walked into the end of my van.  I have since found a better parking space.  Oh, but wait.  Carpool line starts next week.

*I attended a wedding yesterday.  On a Wednesday, you might ask.  Well, absolutely.  It was the wedding of Rascal (Katie's stuffed puppy) to Go-Go (her stuffed lamb which baa's).   A monkey officiated.  Rascal, the groom, had a wedding ring of a hair band.  Go-Go's ring, of course, was of much better quality.  A silly band.  Shaped like a birthday cake.  Guests included a myriad of stuffed animals and a couple of humans.  Oh, and it was an exclusive affair.  We had to have tickets.  Not just any 'ole tear off tickets.  These tickets had to be scanned.  By the princess cash register.  See, it was a societal affair.  I hate you missed it.

*I love Lands End.  Really love Lands End.  They allowed me to return the kids monogrammed backpacks, which had been used.  No problems whatsoever.  That is amazing! Absolutely amazing!  This is why I am frequenting them more often.  Best return policy ever. 

*Impact (our church's jr high) started back up last night.  Gotta love a bunch of jr highers.  Squealing, hugging, dodging boys playing rough games, a madhouse to the rotel and browies, stepping on smooshed chips and smeared rotel on the floor, learning about why we live the life we live for Christ.

*Jake needs to able to hunt.  Every day during the school year.  Armed with the fact that he would be able go dove hunting that afternoon, ONLY if he got all his school work done, Jake finished in record time.  What a joy that was to all of us!

*Jake can shoot a gun.  Very well for a boy his age.  On his 6th shot, he brought down his first dove.  Yippee!  He is putting meat on our table!  And loving every minute of it!

*Sara Beth has come alive with school.  She loves it!  She has met some great friends and really seems to be thriving.  What a great answer to prayer!

*Life is busy, but also Life is Good!  God has blessed us with a great couple of weeks and answered so many prayers!  What peace there is in that.


  1. I love the way you write, Stacey! Glad things are going so well!

  2. Stacey, fly over here and do a drop off conference for our parents. We have to have hallway police the first week to get moms and dads to leave!