Thursday, September 9, 2010

Go Bluefins!!!

Back in the summer of 2005, the Pritchards were introduced to the sport of competitive swimming.  That summer we joined the Y and became a Bluff City Bluefin family.  It was a great experience for Sara Beth and Jake, who were 7 and 5 at the time.  Katie, at 18 months, was a tad too young.  :)   Since joining we have had 5 great summers swimming with this team.  We did 4 yrs, took a break, then completed our 5th year this summer.  Oh, and yes, Katie joined in the fun as well.  

What I love about summer swimming is that it keeps the kids active in the summer, keeps us cool, and is just a whole lot of fun.  Our typical week looks like this.  When morning practices begin, we are out the door at 7:30.  Yep, that's right.  Even in the summer.  Katie practices from 8-9.  Sara Beth and Jake either lay around and try to wake up or they take some time and swim for fun.   At 9, they switch.  Usually at the time Katie has some playmates and they take off to swim and play together.  At 10, the same children who earlier said they were so tired and didn't want to swim today, come up and ask if we can stay.  (Maybe I exaggerate a bit, but you get the idea).  Most days, before dragging out the door at 7:30, we will have managed to grab some snacks, we can have the flexibility to stay and play for a while.  On those days, sometimes we wouldn't get home till 12.  Okay, so that is Monday - Wednesday.  Thursdays are meet days, so if we went to practice that morning, we usually headed home as soon as it was over.  Thursday afternoons were spent getting ready: each child gets dressed, gets a back of things to do and snacks, then line up so I can write their events on their arms and names on their backs.  Yes, I know.  In sharpie no less.   Then we head out the door at about 4:30.  Meets start at 6, end at 10.  We come home, drop in the bed, and sleep in on Fridays. :)

We have found that it is a great activity and one everybody does together so it makes for a great family event.  We are considering year round swimming but haven't made that dive yet.  (pun intended)

Here are some highlights of our year.
Katie, freestyle
Sara Beth, backstroke.
Gotta love the grin!
Katie, again, in a relay
Jake, at City Meet
What a haul!! 

I cannot forget to add that the Bluefins were city champs again!!!  Way to go Bluefins!!

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