Wednesday, September 15, 2010


If you know the Pritchards well enough, you know that we are die hard Mississippi State fans.  I mean, after all, if it weren't for Mississippi Stae, then you wouldn't have the Pritchards at all.  (Yeah, I know that God could have worked through all of that to get us together regardless, but I think He chose a grand spot for it).

We were blessed to be able to get our hands on some tickets for the football season opener against Memphis. The kids haven't been to a home game yet, so what a great chance.   Playing against Memphis made it even more fun.  Upon arrival we drove around a bit, showing them some spots from our lives there, including driving by the Baptist Student Union, where we met.  (There's where it all started, kids!)  We then parked for the day and did a walking tour of some fun spots. 
Of course, everything has changed so much!  There is even a Chick-Fil-A on campus, right across from the Starbucks.  How I could have blown some money there back in my day.  (Which makes me wonder how will we ever pay for college for our kids??) 

During our walking tour around campus, David and I were amazed at the change in pre-game activities.  Back in the day, before a game we would gather at someone's house or apartment or just go out to eat, then go straight to the game.  Umm, not now.  Everywhere we looked were tents.  Tents with lots of ymmy food, cowbells, and large flat screen tv's hooked to satellite dishes.  What????  Are you serious???  But as we thought about it, why not hang out in the tents, participate in festitivies, then watch the game from the comfort of your favorite chair with great homemade food.  Not such a bad idea after all.  I like this idea.  :)  It got us all excited about when our kiddos go there.  (well, you never know, but I think we have at least one firm commitment).

The game itself was a blast!  Jumbo tron, air conditioned area for bathrooms and eating, Dreamland bar-b-q nachos.  Just divine.  The kids had a blast with all of it, especially ringing their new cowbells.  David thought it only fitting that they each have their own.  Jake got maroon, while Sara Beth and Katie got pink, although Katie's is pint sized. So cute.  These wonderfully loud noisemakers were purchased at the on campus Barnes and Noble (again, what???) right by the stadium, where there must have been around 50,000 of the 56,000 game attendees in line.

The Bulldogs smeared the Tigers (of course).  I saw the best t-shirt.  At the top it said "Memphis Bar-b-q Bulldog style" and the picture was Bully holdling a (small) Tiger on a skewer over a grill.  Loved it!!   We came home late, completely covered with nacho cheese sauce, face paintings of pawprints, and kids who are Maroon and White forever!

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