Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I just lost a year off of my life

Today was a crazy day.  Left the house at 8:30, school, Bible Study, Chick-Fil-A, library, school, dentist (for 2 hrs with three kids), returned at 4:30.   I am not used to days like this.  I am getting older and days like this make me feel really older.  But that isn't what got me.

David managed to make it home earlier tonight than lately.  (This is his busy season, so he many times works until dark)  Because he made it home early, we were able to grab some family time and played Clue.  Mrs. White, in the conservatory, with the lead pipe.  And David won.  He always wins.  But that isn't what got me.

After our game, while the kids were getting ready for bed, I was cleaning up the kitchen and getting the garbage together.  I happened to glance in the dining room, right where it meets the kitchen.  There on the floor is a black lizard.  I thought, "Oh, those kids are at it again.  Trying to scare me with that lizard.  Usually it's bugs.  Oh.  Wait.  We don't own a black striped plastic lizard.  THERE'S A LIZARD IN THE DINING ROOM!!!"   It looked like this. But that isn't what got me.

Of course, everyone comes running, asking "Can we keep it?  Can we keep it?".  David starts trying to figure out how to get it out. It is obviously not right, because it isn't moving  much at all.  David takes a large bowl and places it over the lizard.  He then slides a folder under the bowl, to lift it up.  The folder is giving a little so there is a gap.  I reach over and place my hand under it so it is flush with the bowl.  By the way it is a clear bowl so we can see that the lizard has some life left in him.  He is flinging himself (or herself.  I didn't get close enough to check gender) all over that bowl.  So, not only can we see him, but hear the thuds as well.   Nice.

As I reached my hand under, David moved slightly so it would be easier for us.  In the process, a slight gap appeared.  Little fella decided to take his chance at freedom.  On me.  I promise you, he nose-dived right into my legs.  Well, that led to my legs jumping my wholeself onto the counter.   THAT is what got me.

The lizard thudded to the floor.  I guess he must just be claustrophobic b/c the only time we saw him move was while he was in the bowl.  Jake and David finally managed to get him out the door (while laughing at me the whole time).  Once set free, the lizard just sat there (stunned by the crazy woman leaping through the air emitting high pitched noises).  David nudged him and he was off.  Slowly.

David came in and delcared that this incident just took a year off of my life.  I think they should be happy that they ended the day with a laugh.

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